About Us

The business of Pinnacle Affirmative Action Services, LLC is to provide our clients with technically accurate, cost-effective solutions to all their affirmative action planning needs. From obtaining and enhancing our clients’ employee data, through the development of their AAPs and related training, to the customer support for implementation or during compliance reviews - Pinnacle will be your partner throughout the AAP process.

Pinnacle’s relationship with its clients is based on mutual trust, respect and integrity that leads to a long term partnership. Through their partnership with Pinnacle, clients are able to rely upon Pinnacle to be their company’s affirmative action planning experts and to be a true value-added resource. At Pinnacle we are not just your AAP vendor, we are an extension of your HR department and your technical experts related to the entire affirmative action plans process for your organization.

Experience the peace of mind that our clients have knowing that they can rely on Pinnacle Affirmative Action as their partner for all their affirmation action plan development needs.

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